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Submitting and Processing Claims

Please Note: Claims must be submitted to HFS by 12:00 p.m. the day prior to your groups scheduled processing date.

How can I submit claims to HFS?

Paper Claims may be submitted by fax to 888.510.4218 or you can mail to HFS Benefits, a TASC Company, Attention: Claims Department, 4 North Park Drive, Suite 500, Hunt Valley, Maryland 21030.

What information should I send when I'm submitting a claim?

You should include:

For Medical Claims

  1. Complete the Medical Spending Account portion of the Request for Reimbursement form in its entirety, the form must be signed and dated.
  2. An itemized bill/receipt that includes date of service, name and address of the provider, a description of the service and amount charged. An Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your Insurance Company is the best documentation.

For Dependent Claims

  1. Complete the Dependent Care Spending Account portion of the Request for Reimbursement form in its entirety. Include the amount paid and date(s) of service.
  2. You must include your provider's signature, name and Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number. If you do not have your provider's signature, a receipt must be attached.

For more detailed information on claims submission, please download the Request for Reimbursement form.

How do I know my fax was received by HFS?

We recommend three (3) business days after faxing your claim to HFS you logon to your account and verify that your claim has been processed. If you do not see your claim information, call HFS at 888.460.8005 and press 2 for Participant Services. Please be ready to provide the Customer Service Representative with your name, social security number, group name and fax information including the time faxed, pages and fax machine number.

When will I receive my reimbursement check?

You should receive your reimbursement (check or direct deposit) within seven (7) days of your processing date. If your reimbursements are included on your paycheck, the reimbursement should be included in the next payroll after the processing date.

Logging into your Account

How can view my account information? What information do I need to log on to view my account information?

Go to and click on the button "Participant Login". If you experience problems logging onto the website, please call HFS at 888.460.8005 and press 2 for Participant Services. You will need your social security number or ID number and debit card number (if applicable) or date of birth.

What do I do if I receive an error on the website?

If you ever receive an error on the website, please contact HFS at 888.460.8005 and press 2 for Participant Services.

Miscellaneous FAQs

How do I report a Change of Address to HFS?

If you change your address during your plan year, please login to your account and update your address. You can also contact your H.R. Department who will forward the new information to your Account Representative to update your record.

Can my spouse call for information regarding my account?

Before any information can be released to your spouse, the participant must provide written authorization to HFS. Please click here to download the Spousal Authorization form. This information should be faxed to HFS at 888.510.4218 or mailed to HFS Benefits, a TASC Company, 4 North Park Drive, Suite 500, Hunt Valley, Maryland 21030.

My flex debit card was declined, why did this happen?

When stores and providers set up their credit card system, a merchant code is assigned to the merchant depending on the type of merchandise or goods it sells. If the merchant code was set up incorrectly (e.g. coded as a Gas Station), the flex card system will not recognize the store as a qualified merchant and decline the transaction. The maximum allowable charge at a grocery store is $200 and $250 at discount stores (Target, Walmart, etc.) and mail order stores. In addition, your transaction could be declined if the transaction is over your available balance.

What information should be included when I get a doctor's note for an eligible medical expense?

Where a doctor's note is requested for a medical item/supply/service, etc., that note should be on the doctor's letterhead, should be dated and state the patient's name, the specific medical condition the patient is being treated for, and recommend the item/supply/service, etc. as treatment for that condition. The note should also state whether the treatment is of a limited or indefinite duration (e.g., 1 year, 6 months, etc.). Some sample wording:

"I am treating John Doe for a back injury and recommend he receive therapeutic massage twice a week for six weeks to treat this injury."

"I am treating Jane Doe for osteoporosis and recommend she take a calcium supplement indefinitely as part of treatment for this condition."

Please click here to download the Letter of Medical Recommendation form.